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Handmade Leather Bible: Custom Family Crest

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Turn your family crest into your family Bible! Your family crest will be hand tooled onto a leather bound Bible of you preferred translation. The perfect gift for your loved ones! Each Bible is handmade and customized to meet your design. Your Bible is hand tooled to your design and then oiled, antiqued, and sealed to ensure quality. This is a fully leather-bound bible, not a mere bible cover!

Your Bible is bound in #1 Grade Natural American Vachetta tanned by Wickett & Craig of Pennsylvania.  American Vachetta has a soft temper and with a beautiful patina.

The design on the front and back is fully customizable to your specifications.  Additionally, customization includes printing in the inside front and back covers (commonly a favorite verse or prayer) and custom text on the spine of the Bible.  Your Bible is made in any translation specified.  Please contact me at with any questions on your custom Bible! Semper Fidelis.